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“Our Mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.”


Our Story

Universal Heat Treating (Est. 1965)
Universal Black Oxiding (Est. 1990)

Universal Heat Treating was founded in 1965 by Richard L. Walter. It originated as a salt bath heat treater specializing in tool steel. UHT was originally located on Addison Road in Cleveland until 1976 when it moved to its current location 3878 E. 93rd Street. Ernie D’Amato, Richard’s son in law, started in 1977 as plant manager and is currently the president and CEO.

In 1980 UHT, to meet customer demand, expanded its plant by 6,000 square feet. The newly added space was used to house our new Surface Combustion atmospheric equipment. This allowed us to diversify our operations to include carburizing, carbonitriding and atmosphere alloy hardening.

In 1990 came the edition of our sister company Universal Black Oxiding. The new company was formed to improve our customer’s turnaround time for parts that needed to be heat treated and black oxided. In 1990, we added a vacuum furnace to the plant in order to heat treat tool steel in a controlled atmosphere. The controlled atmosphere allowed for the tool steel to have a cleaner finish after the heat treat process.

Our most recent expansion came in 1999, when we added 8,000 square feet to the plant. This was mainly used to house our shipping and receiving department. Along with the 8,000 square feet we also added a fleet of trucks to the mix. The new fleet allowed us to expand our footprint and save our customers time and money with our new pick-up and delivery services.

Ernie D’Amato’s two sons have recently fol­lowed in their father’s footstep and our now part of the UHT family. Ernie D’Amato Jr.joined UHT as the Vice President of Operations in May of 2008. He has taken over the role of scheduling, inspection and all of the day to day operations. Ernie Jr. came to us from Accen­ture where he worked as a management consultant for 8 years. He has Bachelor of Science in Business (Management Information Systems) from Miami University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dayton. He made the decision to come to UHT so he could work with his father and spend more time with his family. The experience he gained from Accenture he has brought to UHT in the form of process improvement and standardization, technology implementation and quality control.

Michael D’Amato joined UHT in 2009 as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Michael has taken over the role of fleet management, sales and marketing and pro­cess improvements. Michael came to UHT from Key Bank and Pakmode Publications which he was a co-founder. He has a Bach­elor of Science in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University. Michael made the decision to come to UHT after selling his stake in Pakmode to help out the family business.

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Our Team

Our vision is to be the leader in metallurgy in northeast Ohio through our people, partnerships and performance.



Universal Heat Treating damato

Kevin, Ernie and Mike D’Amato
Universal Heat Treating michael damato

Mike D’Amato
Universal Heat Treating Kevin Damato

Kevin D’Amato
V.P. of Operations
Universal Heat Treating ernie damato

Ernie D’Amato
Universal Heat Treating James Brooks

James Brooks
Plant Manager
Universal Heat Treating Dan Rayha

Dan Rayha
Quality Manager
Universal Heat Treating Bryce Pechak

Bryce Pechak
Quality inspector/Production Manager
Universal Heat Treating Rick Bentley

Rick Bentley
Maintenance Manager
Universal Heat Treating Nancy Levinsky

Nancy Levinsky
Universal Heat Treating marc terrell

Marc Terrell
1st Shift Foreman
Universal Heat Treating Jessie Sanders

Jessie Sanders
2nd Shift Foreman
Universal Heat Treating Alan Gist

Alan Gist
3rd Shift Foreman

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Our vision is to be the leader in metallurgy in northeast Ohio through our people, partnerships and performance.

Phone: 216.641.2000
Toll Free: 800.966.5057
Email: mdamato21@gmail.com
Phone: 216.641.2000
Toll Free: 800.966.5057
Email: kevdamato@gmail.com

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